Seminal Image #537

Ore ni sawaru to abunaize
(Don't Touch Me, I'm Dangerous; a.k.a. Black Tight Killers)
(Yasuharu Hasebe; 1966)


SomeNYGuy said...

A really fun, zany movie with a catchy "twist" theme song. The girls fling 45 RPM records as weapons, for heaven's sake! This was definitely out on DVD a few years ago -- hope it still is.

Richard Gibson said...

Wow what a title. Image reminds me of 'Tokyo Drifter'. Is it like that?

swac said...

Hasebe was definitely a disciple of Seijun Suzuki's, and a shining star at Nikkatsu in the pink movie department.

The flinging 45s scene is a definite highlight, as are some of the musical numbers, and the fake, hypercolour backgrounds.

I have it on DVD, a zippy pop thriller, well worth seeking out.

SomeNYGuy said...

Much, much lighter in tone than Suzuki's films. More spoofy than sardonic. Still, I think most Suzuki fans would enjoy this too.

swac said...

I'd say Suzuki-lite is a pretty good assessment.

But there's very little fat on the bones of this flick, it really careens through its fairly ridiculous plot, which is always appreciated.