When Legends Gather #154

Wanda Jackson and Elvis Presley


Chaka said...

fucking amazing, my friend. you should be able to get a grant to run your site because you really bring it day in and day out.

now, if you could find a picture of Janis Martin and Elvis together, then you'd really have something.

your biggest fan,
Chaka / timedoor.textdriven.com

Richard Gibson said...

Chaka - cheers!

I'm pretty hyped as Wanda is doing a tour and coming to London later this month.

swac said...

Funnel of Love is still one of the most astonishing songs I've ever heard. And yet, impossibly hard to find on CD, it rarely shows up on Wanda Jackson compilations (and I've gone through a number of them) short of forking out for the Bear Family box set.

I've worn out at least two copies of the song on 7" (I think it's the flipside of Right or Wrong).