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Repo Man
(Alex Cox; 1984)


Anonymous said...

There is a thirty second spot where Emilio sits right next to Rodney Bingenheimer in the club scene.

Richard Gibson said...

I didn't know that although when I saw it last I wouldn't have known who Rodney Bigenheimer was as he wasn't at all big here. I recall you can see Alex Cox at the petrol station towards the end of the film.

Actually this film used to be shown in a sort of edited form when it was shown on BBC. Instead of F@$k you, Mofo it was Flip You, Melon Farmer...

tin210 said...

I think the photo is quite blurry. i cannot tell if that is Rodney. You have any other photos? I love the film though.

Tom Sutpen said...

It's not Bingenheimer in this photo; the first commentator was referring to his appearance in another scene (I never noticed him either, btw).

Richard Gibson said...

This photo is left Otto (or "Otto Parts?" as someone jokes) played by Emilo Estevez and Miller played by Tracey Walter whose fantastic lines include pearls of wisdom such as "The more you drive the less intelligent you become", "John Wayne was a fag" and [disposing of a certain brand of air freshner] "One in every car".

Maybe the photo is blurry as you are not accustomed to looking at alien space craft.

"Repo Man's always intense!"

Vanwall said...

Tracey Walter is one of the great supporting players of our time, and he gets fantastic lines quite often. He looks like Peter Lorre's long lost brother, kinda, doesn't he? Love his work.

My wife worked a little in repo, and I knew a few repo men in my mis-spent youth - they would've fit right into this film, and wouldn't've given a second thought to hauling around aliens - some of 'em were pretty spacey themselves.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Tracey Walter arguably the hardest working weirdo in cinema. This movie is his watershed moment. I love this movie! You started a monster with this one Tom.

Tom Sutpen said...

I must abjure all credit on this one, as it was posted by my estimable co-blogger Richard Gibson. All praises are due him on this entry!

And I agree. Tracey Walter is absolutely one of the unsung strange-o's of American Cinema . . . though I'd give the top prize on this to Timothy Carey.

Richard Gibson said...

"A repo man spends his life getting into tense situations".

Anonymous said...

"Yeah. Let's go get sushi and not pay. "

Richard Gibson said...

"Everybody could stand a hundred chest X-rays a year..."

This could go on forever, there are so many great lines in this film.

Love those generically packaged products in the 7-11.

Vanwall said...

My repo-man buddy called to me from a car once as I was walking - I said, "Hey, new car!"

He says with a grin, "Nope. On my way to the repo lot - I'll buy you a beer if drive it over for me, I've been up for days, it seems like. I'll follow you - then we'll come back to the Squeeze Box, (our favorite stripper bar) - I really need a beer. Or three." As he drove with one arm, hanging it over the top of the steering wheel, he lit up a butt. I noticed the ashtray, and the entire interior, was spotless.

"They don't care if you smoke?"

He took a drag and blew the smoke all over the roof liner in front.

"Fuck that guy, he had his chances - now it's the bank's car, and as their representative, I don't particularly give a shit."

He looked over at me grinning, "That dumb fucker tried to wait us out. he sat in lawn chair on his front porch with gallon of water and a Remington pump, and dared us to take it. We didn't wanna hassle the cops into anything, so we sat tight, in shifts, for 37 hours."

"He nodded off a coupla times, but he jerked back awake so hard we were laughing. Finally he just leaned back his head and was out like a light. We slammed the doors hard getting out of our car, and he didn't flinch."

"You could hear him snoring from across the street, but we still walked up real quiet, very carefully lifted the shotgun off his lap, fished his keys out of his pocket, and after I started the car and pulled into the street, my partner laid the shotgun down just inside the front door and locked it. Then we left, giggling."

He really enjoyed his work.