Politicians in Action #8

Tony Benn (Labour-Bristol South East) talks on the phone.


Mike D said...

tony benn - a truly righteous human being and a politician. a rare combination

Tom Sutpen said...

Hear hear.

We not only need Benn-ite solutions in this country, we need Benn!

Richard Gibson said...

Useless fact # 1 - he's a mad tea drinker. I heard, not sure if it's true but 80 cups per day. This site says enough to displace the QE2:


Useless fact # 2 - he was related to Margaret 'Murder at the Gallop' Rutherford.

Great programme where he interviewed the interviewers recently shown on BBC2. He turned the tables on our best political journalists - Jeremy Paxman, Nick Robinson, Jon Snow and John Humphrys, it was funny he asked them questions like "Just who is the international community?".

swac said...

Comedian Dylan Moran does a comedic bit about John Humphries.

You've got to love comedy that assumes people actually know things.