Musical Indulgence #2

Where the Wild Roses Grow
(Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, with Kylie Minogue; 1996)

Today is the birthday of Nick Cave, so I thought in keeping with the house style at 'If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger...' I'd make a few posts in tribute to an artist who has embraced several musical styles, put out some of the most interesting albums of the past twenty years, starred in several films, composed soundtracks for films and published several books including one novel.

From the 1996 Murder Ballads album by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, this is a rare appearance insofar as a) it wasn't already uploaded to YouTube and b) this single was released at the height of the Brit Pop phenomenon, hence you will see Hale and Pace the two 'Comedians' that introduce them wearing Oasis T-shirts. It's hard to imagine in some ways a more out of place duet at this time in our recent musical history yet Nick Cave is an engaging artist always exploring, developing and essential. I'm sure this was seen by some as some sort of attention grabbing publicity stunt by some (see below excerpt from one of our red-tops at the time 'reviewing' a live appearance) but for me it just seems to fit into the whole Cave master plan and part of a great tradition of pop duets alongside greats like Nancy and Lee.

The clip is from the now defunct BBC pop music TV show, Top of the Pops.

Kylie in Sleazy Shocker
exclusive by Lee Harpin

Sugary pop princess Kylie Minogue stunned fans at a London
gig when she launched into a raunchy X-rated stage romp with
rocker Nick Cave.

Kylie strutted on to the stage in a sexy see-through dress and
the pair groped each other throughout the red hot routine.

The pint sized sex-bomb, who scored a smash with fellow Aussie
singer Cave when they teamed up on hit single Where Roses Don't
Grow, [sic] banned photographers from snapping her during the act.

She insisted that only the photos she had personally approved would
be released.

One startled member of the audience says: "I turned up to see Nick
Cave and couldn't believe my luck when Kylie walked on stage.

"She's come a long way since her clean-cut days as a soap star.
Now she really knows how to turn a crowd on."

Kylie who's been dating video producer and celebrity photographer
Stephane Sednaoui since late last year, has recently been working on
building her acting career.

Source: Daily Star, 'Rave' column edited by Linda Duff, Monday August 19th, 1996, p11.


Tim said...

I've been to this site almost daily for two years. It's a whole new world for me. I enjoy it so. I am most always speechless. What can I say?
Thank- You..

Perry Middlemiss said...

Ah, yes, this was Kylie's "bad girl" period. She took up with Michael Hutchence (ex-lead singer for INXS) about this time and was "caught" entering Australia with a set of handcuffs in her luggage. All good fun really.

Steve said...

Murder Ballads was the album that got me into Cave. How could it not, considering I was a teenaged fan of splatter and alt-rock? What surprised me is how well the album held up even once you've gotten over the kicky thrill of the violence described.

swac said...

I was a fan of The Birthday Party from the get-go.

Can't remember what song I heard first. Either Big Jesus Trash Can or Release the Bats. Either way, I was hooked.