El Cine Del Oro #26

Konga Roja (Red Conga)
(Alejandro Galindo, 1943)


Vanwall said...

Ah, Pedro - the ne plus ultra of Mexican cimema, as he embodied all that was good, all that was bad, all that was misunderstood, and above all, all that was expected of the medium. Film is what viewers make of it, and to some extent even greater than profits, (more in some than others!), a movie is made for an audience's appreciation, regardless of how small or large - this is where Pedro, and a select few in all of film, IMHO, represented an entire culture, top to bottom. Like sharks, he was a perfect machine - in his time he meshed so well with the medium, there was no need for evolution in the vast sea south of the border in which he swam.

Vaya con dios, jefe.

slyboots2 said...

Good lord that image is frightening- she looks like Godzilla. Morphing into Carmen Miranda.