Civic Portraiture #22

Emma Goldman


Vanwall said...

Red Emma's mugshot looks soooo much better than any of the current Bush progeny's perp-walk celebratory daguerrotypes. Was this from her visit to San Diego, the then - and sadly, to a large degree now - Western Capital for apoplectic, lick-spittle reactionaries?


Tom Sutpen said...

I don't think so. My guess is it's much earlier than that. I have a few Emma mugshots here; the one you're referencing may be one of them.

You ask me, it was a bit of waste her living in the period she did. We need someone like her now.

Well . . . now that I think of it . . . we always need Emma Goldman.

Ookla the Mok said...

It's from 1901, when she was arrested after the McKinley assasination. Her experiences through the Woodrow Wilson years were far worse than anything we've faced -- ending, of course, with her deportation. In her final years in Canada, she would go to the Niagra River, gaze across at the United States, and weep.