The Art of Labor #8


Vanwall said...

And then it got ugly. Real ugly. It's still real ugly, actually. Big Bidness is fucking the life out of this country, sadly.

Tom Sutpen said...

Sure is.

The horrifying part is that the propaganda campaign against the very idea of collective bargaining . . . the notion that one worker's interest is in no respect fundamentally different from another's . . . appears to have succeeded beyond the wildest dreams of avarice. It's all been erased from the public consciousness.

You mention the principles behind Labor today and it's considered a social gaffe (Labor unions are so 20th century, after all). And if you start questioning even the weakest tenets of Capitalism . . . no one even knows what you're talking about. At least back in the 50s you could get blacklisted for it. Now? You just get stared at.

We need another Emma Goldman, Rob.

Vanwall said...

Roger that, Tom. :(
We need unions now more than ever - it's funny, but sad, to here bamboozled mid-level techies go on about their Conservative principles, then whine about out-sourcing, unofficial longer workweeks, and no pay raises to match. They bought the whole kit & kaboodle of Full Capitalism, eat that shit and say it tastes like ambrosia.