The Art of Adolescence #3

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Vanwall said...

Sonny, your father and I are very disappointed in you - your grades are getting worse, your manners are surly, and your hair is getting terribly long! We're not too happy with that girl you've been seeing - what's her name - Naomi? You know she looks like a..a..beatnick, or something, and she smokes!

We want you to stop wasting your life playing around with those electronical, um, computing things in your room, too, you'll never amount to anything that way. Look, your cousin Tony needs some help down at the loading pier in Jersey, he's willing to give you some part-time work, but dear, there's a job that'll last forever if you get some experience. Your father is even looking for a place at the Studebaker dealer for you after school is over, so you can have a nice stable job in town, if you want it.