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Emperor of the North Pole
(Robert Aldrich, 1973)

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Vanwall said...

Lee Marvin was old A-No-1 in the flesh, who might've been a real 'bo, BTW. This film sometimes requires the services of a translator, for those who can't fathom the lingo of the road.

A 'Bo's patter could get pretty thick, unless you've read your Jim Tully and hadda deck-'em with yer bindle flappin' in the wind to dodge the harness bulls on the "milk & honey" line, or mebbe rode the rods on a hot-shot to beat the yeggs, and tangled with yard dicks on the way to the next jungle, or half-froze on the pea-souper line when ya hadda eat snowballs one Xmas. My great-uncle was a long-time railroad man, and had some funny stories about hobos in the 30's and 40's; some scary ones, too.

On a side note, The old Hobo Joe's restaurants had big mascots out front, like scruffy Big Boys; periodically we'd "borrow" 'em for a day or two, when I was in college.