Musical Indulgence #1

Medley: Walk Right Back/Cathy's Clown/Let the Good Times Roll
(Harry Nilsson; 1971)

I resolved, when I decided to start posting videos on this blog, that I wouldn't post musical performances; for two reasons: First, everyone does it. Second, I could easily . . . very very easily . . . go overboard and post them by the dozens if I followed my heart. Well, I'm going to break that resolution now, after holding onto it for three whole months (though I'll spare our visitors a raft of these; I can at least do that), and what better artist to break such a resolution, don't you know, than one of the great Pop music subversives (and true geniuses), the late Harry Nilsson.

This sublime medley comes from a 1971 BBC Television broadcast, The Music of Nilsson and, as you'll soon see, was a tad more creatively wrought than your typical TV force-march through the hits.

So I hope you'll forgive this periodic indulgence, friends and neighbors, brothers and sisters, comrades-in-arms, and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

That was cool!

swac said...

Nilsson means never having to say you're sorry.

Richard Gibson said...


There is another on You Tube; 'Coconut' with Nilsson in a Gorilla costume...I wonder if there are any clips of the Lennon/Nilsson infamous lost weekend...

I think I'll go home and listen to 'Pussy Cats'.

That Little Round-Headed Boy said...

Man! I was saving this Nilsson clip for one of my YouTube Friday tributes. Oh, well. Harry deserves all the attention he can get. I published a tribute to him a couple of years ago, and was surprised at the e-mails I got from all over the world. Harryheads are very loyal.

Tom Sutpen said...

Damn. Sorry about the timing, lrhb. Obviously, had I known, I would have waited to post it.

I have to admit, I've been on the business end of this a couple of times myself. I don't know if it's a consequence of my having similar tastes to a number of my fellow bloggers, or the fact that there's more limits on the material we can provide than we might have realized. Either way, I know how irritating it can be.