From 'The Black Panther Coloring Book' #9

"The White man wanted the riches of the Black man. They came with
guns and force and took them."


FBI-copy-cat said...

"This coloring book, which was purported to be from the Black Panthers, had actually been rejected by them when it was brought to them by a man later revealed to have intelligence connections. Not to be troubled by the fact that the Panthers found the coloring book revolting, the FBI added even more offensive illustrations, and mass mailed it across America."

"In the late 1960s, the Black Panthers started a Free Breakfast for Children program, serving thousands of black and poor kids across the U.S. Concerned that the program would spread anti-white propaganda, the FBI decided to spread their own anti-white propaganda as a pre-emptive strike. The bureau produced a 24-page coloring book, making it appear as if it had been created by the Panthers. Intending to gut public support for the group, the books contained inflamatory pictures, some of which featured young black kids shooting pigs dressed as policemen. The FBI sent copies of the coloring book to the Panthers’ white contributors and to businesses that supported the free breakfast program, such as Safeway and Jack-In-The-Box. When copies of the forgery reached the Panthers’ national leadership, Bobby Seale destroyed it, saying it "did not correctly reflect the ideology of the Black Panther Party."

Tom Sutpen said...

When I started posting these images, I'd heard differing accounts as to their origins: one such account had it entirely an FBI creation, another had it a BP publication. Ialways erred on the side of the latter, since it does, despite what Bobby Seale may have said, closely resemble some of the more crude propaganda efforts by members of the Party (though perhaps not officially endorsed by it). Thanks for straightening this out!

By the way, what are you quoting from?