The Art of Cinema #143

Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla
(William Beaudine; 1952)

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r.j. said...

Dear Maurice "Morrie" Duke who produced this was the father of my oldest - childhood friend, Alan Duke. I ran into both Morrie and Alan at a West Hollywood restaurant, only months before Mr. Duke's passing, several-years ago. After a pleasant, nostalgic reunion, oddly, the conversation turned toward the making of this production. Morrie told me how honored they all felt to have Lugosi on-board, and how everyone more-or-less deferred to him on the set, giving him the respect they all felt he deserved. Understandably. Pathetic that he ended this way, but hey, it was eatin' money. (Morrie Duke was the nicest man in the world, by the way, as are both his children).