The Art of Cinema #138

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Jour de Fēte (1949)
Jacques Tati


Jeff Duncanson said...

Hmmm...This looks familiar. ;)

It really is a great poster, isn't it?

Richard Gibson said...

Jeff, did you recently post this?

Yes, it is, all the Tati film posters are rather special. Coppola has a huge (probably very rare/original) 'Mon Oncle' in his restaurant in San Francisco right above the place where he sits, I know this as I talked to the waiters when I was there and it's roped off.

Jeff Duncanson said...

I posted it quite a while back.
You actually left me a comment on it at the time.

I have a great M Hulot one which will shown up on my blog at some point, I'm sure.

Richard Gibson said...

I must be developing the memory of a goldfish, I even left the same comment there, durr!