The Art of Cinema #138

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They Live By Night
(Nicholas Ray; 1948)

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Vanwall said...

This movie grows more interesting with time, amazingly. Nice poster - best one of Farley ever. However - DeSilva has a goddam Nambu? WTF? Those could barely shoot twice in a row without jamming - real P.O.S. - oops, milhist intruding into movie madness. Happened a lot to me back then, still does, sadly. Anyway, no wonder his character was a loser - it makes him look like he couldn't choose an A-1 rod to save his life. Getta real piece, pal - .45 M1911. ;-)

I really identified with Bowie and Keechie when I saw this as a callow youth - hell, I wanted to bust out on the road myself after that. Good thing I was such an indecisive schmoe - there were plenty of opportunities, but certain friends looked out for me, the big saps. I was a big Granger and O'Donnell fan after that - too bad they aren't more appreciated today.