When Legends Gather #129

Marlene Dietrich, Bob Hope, Bette Davis and a bunch of veterans.

(tremendous thanks to Filmscreed author Jeff Duncanson for this here image)


Brent McKee said...

A distinguished group of veterans. I recognise Admiral John Ford, Captain Ronald Reagan and the man whose discharge papers he signed, Major Clark Gable, Commander Robert Montgomery, and Seaman Caesar Romero just at a glance. It's nearly impossible to believe that any of today's film stars would make the same sort of sacrifice of their careers, even more when you realise that Ford, Reagan, and I think Montgomery were all pre-war reservists.

phyrephox said...

Any chance you could date these photos if at all possible?

Jeff Duncanson said...

The best I can tell you is that it was taken in the Hollywood Canteen in 1943.