They Were Collaborators #156

Ma Rainey & Her Wild Cats


Anonymous said...

have you stopped the hitchcock/truffaut tapes?

at any rate your blog is the only one i visit regularly.. one of the best things on the internet

Tom Sutpen said...

First, thanks for the kind words!

The Hitchcock/Truffaut series has not been halted; not with 16 entries left to go. I just keep putting off writing the introductory remarks for the next entry (#9). I damn myself for a lazybones in this respect.

Rest assured, the next entry (a discussion of 'Rebecca') is impending.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes said...

Hey, there really is a Ma Rainey! I know that name from Dylan's "Tombstone Blues" on Highway 61 Revisited. You needed a painting of Beethoven to go along with it, and maybe some tuba players dancing around a flagpole.