El Cine Del Oro #25

Los de Abajo (The Underdogs)
(Chano Urueta, 1940)


Vanwall said...

I don't think Hollywood could ever have released as many "revolutionary" themed movies as the Mexican Golden Age. The Mexican films routinely tweaked the nose of the various ruling groups, implying that they had sold out the campesinos and their asperations - sometimes with subtlety, even. ;-) It was sometimes like watching a foriegn Wobbly broadside, and the obvious parallels of the Army and its intentions towards the poor and the transparent machinations of the Good Ol' USA in Mexican politics, or the perception of them - which was actually more damaging, was quite evident in the way the Mexican government was often portrayed. "Viva la revolucion!"

swac said...

No wonder Bunuel thrived there.