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Red River
(Howard Hawks; 1948)

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Vanwall said...

"Cherry, Fairy and Butch." Hmmm. Mouse was right, in certain scenes, it fits. ;-)

It's funny, 'cause she adored Montgomery Clift - she'd have spread for him in a heartbeat, if he'd been so inclined, and those were her words. The irony of the actors chosen and the relationships portrayed in this film never ceased to provide us with verdant conversation - she always said Clift was a better "man" than Wayne.

As far as this film, I actually like John Ireland's laconic delivery just before he's shot, and Noah Beery Jr's character overall - he was a very underrated supporting player.

Mouse never did take to overcompensating macho films, 'specially where the girls were at least as macho as the guys - she figured a girl could get by quite nicely without trying to prove she needed a dick-sizin' fight as validation.

She did like some of the tough gals in Westerns - in "The Professionals", Maria Gomez's wonderful Chiquita was a fave,(for both of us, hehe) but I think it was more because Chiquita was clever enough to shove a Smith & Wesson into Burt Lancaster's throat.