Freddie Garrity R.I.P.

As well as Freddie and The Dreamers, Freddie Garrity also appeared in 1970's kids TV show Little Big Time as well as two 1960's films with The Dreamers.
Sadly he died recently.

The Daily Telegraph obituary.

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swac said...

*silently does the Freddie in tribute*

One of my favourite items in my collection of stuff is a video copy of The Kinks' Pete Quaife's home movies, including footage backstage at a taping of Hullaballoo, where Freddie and the Dreamers were also guests, and everyone he points his camera at feels compelled to do the Freddie. Well, except co-host Annette Funicello (although Frankie "Potato Bug" Avalon has no problem waving his arms and legs about).