Collect 'Em All #2

Kay Francis
(No. 9 in a series of 48 issued by Gallaher Tobacco, Virginia House, London & Belfast)
"No role I have ever played in motion pictures has pleased me more than my part in 'Secrets of an Actress.' For an actress to portray an actress is to allow her splendid freedom of expression; but, from another angle, 'Secrets of an Actress' brought me into contact with those two delifghtful British Sstars--Ian Hunter and Isabel Jeans--and no studio association has ever been happier."

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Lex10 said...

For an actress with such "horny" roles I really liked her in "My Bill" where she plays a mom. Although it's beyond me that someone who could not pwonounce "r" and had a lisp got to be tho big. Pwobably the hawny woleth, eh?