Relevant Quote #79

"People are ambivalently amped-up on celebrities. They wildly worship them. They aim their adolescent adoration at them and get bupkis back. It's depressingly dissassociative. It's idiotic idolatry. Fan magazines fan the flames of fatuous fancy and reinforce the fact that your favorite stars will never fuck you. Scandal rags rip that reinforcement and deleriously deconstruct and deidolize the idols who ignore you. It's revisionistic revenge. It reduces your unrequited lovers to your own level of erratic eroticism. It rips the rich and regal and guns them into the gutter beside you. It fractiously frees you to love them as one of your own."
-- James Ellroy


Richard Gibson said...

Couldn't agree more!

Tom Sutpen said...

Hear hear, Richard. A genuinely insightful paragraph from a genuinely silly novella.

I've yet to figure out James Ellroy. He's either a genius or a fraud (I lean towards the former, but not by much). His novels have gotten so progressively gruesome that I'm not sure I wanna read the next one . . . but I'm looking forward to it, whatever horrors it may contain.

Richard Gibson said...

Don't know if I told you this or posted elswhere but he came to a film festival I went to or rather used to go to. A crime film festival. He introduced 'The Sleeping Car Murders', anyway that's a slight aside.

I also saw a good documentary about him and I lean towards quite liking him.
In documentary he tells of little old ladies coming up to him in Blockbuster telling him how much they liked the film of 'LA Confidential', he snipes back "Did you buy the book?" when he tells us the lady answers "No" he retorts; "Then what the f&ck good are you to me?!".

thom said...

listen to the jackie tapes or look at her book about tooling around europe with her sister

"I never met anyone like her."