Collect 'Em All #1

Errol Flynn
Gallaher Cigarettes card (No. 12 in a series of 48)
My Favourite Part
"My favoutite part so far has been 'The Adventures of Robin Hood' because when I was a youngster, I remember revelling in the exploits of that legendary hero, and visualised myself as him. Now the film has turned out so splendidly that I continue to get a thrill out of seeing myself leading my merry band through Sherwood Forest, and fighting those bad barons!"
(For some reason, the back of the card has Flynn's birthplace as Ireland, rather than Tasmania. Studio mythbuilding at work?)


Perry Middlemiss said...

Maybe they just had no idea of where Tasmania actually was. So many people seem to think it's a separate country.

Brent McKee said...

There was a lot of myth building around Flynn of course. I seem to recall reading something from the period that said he was an Olympic boxer among other things.

Boz said...

I wonder if it was ever proved or disproved that he was a nazi spy?

Perry Middlemiss said...

He spent time in New Guinea before he headed off for Hollywood, and there were rumours that he was a "slave" trader of sorts. Press-ganging rather than kidnapping into slavery might be a better description. But I might just be splitting hairs there.

He wrote a memoir of that time in 1937 titled "Beam Ends".

Back in the 1980s the Australian rock band "Australian Crawl" put out a song titled "Errol". It's first verse reads:

Convict state
It just won't rate
He want to get higher
Apple Isle, the inbred smile
He's gonna get by'a
His mother's hand
He could not stand
He left for the islands
To fish and hunt
To take a punt
The New Guinea highlands

Oh Errol - I would give
Everything, just to be like him

You can read the rest of the lyrics at