Housekeeping Matter #15:
Quo Vadis the Updates, Baby?

Just thought I'd set down a few words of apology to our regular visitors for the general absence of new content the last week or so. You see, I've been staring down the barrel of a writing deadline for the last couple of weeks, and . . . deadlines are simply not my friend. Consequently, I've had little time for anything more than errant, perfunctory additions.

But fret not, dear visitors. Once I've delivered of myself this latest masterwork in the canon of film lterature, a regular stream of wonders (including more Hitchcock/Truffaut installments) will issue forth from these pages.

Until then, I thank thee for thy patience.



Vanwall said...

What's more important, eating or blogging? ;-) I've been bedeviled by real life lately, as well, I sympathise. We, your loyal posse, await more quirky bloggery.


swac said...

Eating is overrated.

Me, I'm just getting over a case of strep throat, which has killed my enthusiasm for doing just about anything this past week.