The Women #10

Joan Crawford
(from The New Movie Album: An Autographed Who's Who of the Screen, 1931)
"Born in San Antonio, Texas, and educated in a finishing school in Kansas City, I embarked upon my career in 1924, obtaining a start as a dancer in a musical show. From there I went to New York to dance at the Winter Garden. There I was discovered by Harry Rapf. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer producer, who offered me an opportunity to try my luck in pictures. I was known on the stage as Lucile Le Sueur, and I was christened Joan Crawford in a motion picture magazine name contest. My first picture was Pretty Ladies in which I played an extra part. I was given a role in Old Clothes, a Jackie Coogan film, and as a result of that cast in a leading part in Our Dancing Daughters. This later was followed by Our Modern Maidens, in which I won stardom. The talkie companion to these two earlier films, Our Blushing Brides, established even great box-office results and critical praise. My first two talking pictures were Untamed and Montana Moon, and my latest is Paid, in which I play my first straight dramatic role. I am five feet, four inches tall, weight 120 pounds and have dark hair and blue-brown eyes. I was born in 1908 and am married to Douglas Fairbanks Jr."


swac said...

The other entries in this series show at least a little personality in their biographical sketches, this one definitely feels like it was penned by a studio flack. Unsurprisingly.

Richard Gibson said...

Nice post, also check out Self Styled Siren's recent post on Crawford:

Vanwall said...

Somehow, she comes across to me as a studio product thru & thru - very artificial, right down to her shoulder pads.

ElizRuthMalmberg said...

Crawford's crash diet of choice? Black coffee, Saltines and mustard.
(From her autobiography) "Blue-brown eyes"? I have never seen a close-up of Crawford's eyes, but have never seen blue-brown before.

I so enjoy your blogs...thank you for the wonderful photos and info.