Seminal Image #406

Baby Face
(Alfred E. Green; 1933)

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la peregrina said...

Love this movie.
FYI, the woman with Barbara Stanwyck in this photo is Theresa Harris. IMDb has this to say about her:

Theresa Harris appeared with more stars of the Golden Era of Hollywood then anyone. She graced the screen with her presence and made a lot of "dull" movies worthwhile. She was an attractive Black woman who had many talents of singing, dancing, and acting who could steal scenes away from the top stars. She often played maids but always with dignity and grace. Her best work was in the pre code era of Hollywood, when she had more lines to say and more to do. But afterwards Blacks were more often seen but not heard.

Her best performance was in Professional Sweetheart, which starred Ginger Rogers. They had a lot of screen time together, singing and dancing. Theresa appeared in independent black cast films where she got to show some of her talents. But those films were few. She was the hardest working woman in Hollywood who worked at every major studio, with most of the big stars, and was respected by studio heads, producers, directors, and her co-workers.