The Art of Cinema #116

So This is Africa
(Edward Cline; 1933)


Anonymous said...

They're pretty bad in many ways. Wheeler can't stay in character--he's the naif for ten seconds then he's a horny wiseguy and he's charmless either way. And Woolsey, a kind of Bible Belt Groucho, whether he's in an airplane or on a camel or whatever plays every scene, every line, exactly the same way, like he's on the proscenium of some cheap burlesque house squawking at a bunch of shriners. Woolsey looks the kind of guy, if he didn't get into show business might have spent his life managing a skid row flophouse. Best film: Diplomaniacs, of course. I love 'em.

swac said...

I have, lemme see....20 VHS tapes of W&W madness. I'm only 1/4 through it, but it's addictive. It's true, "low rent Marx" comes to mind, but there's always the thrill of the unexpected gag or risque reference to keep one going.

Sadly, So This Is Africa is not among the collection. What I wouldn't give to see an uncut copy...

Now if only I could find a decent still of Clark & MacCulloch.