The Women #2

Mary Astor
(from The New Movie Album Autographed Who's Who of the Screen, 1931)

"I was born in Quincy, Ill., where my father who had been a professor of languages in the University of Kansas had come to take a position in the high school. And when I was six we moved to a poultry farm outside of Quincy where I attended a little district school. My mother had stage ambitions for me and we eventually went to Chicago where she took a position as a teacher in the Kenwood Loring School for Girls thus payng for my tuition so that I could study. I had won honorable mention in a beauty contest conducted by a fan magazine, and encouraged by this we went to New York to see the publisher. He entered me in the finals of the contest and I won second place. Then Lejaren Hillyer selected me as lead in a series of one-reelers based on the story of famous paintings and I kept at directors until I was chosen to play with Huntley Gordon in three two-reelers made in the Canadian North Woods. I made my first full length picture as Eugene O'Brien's leading woman in 'John Smith.' So I have played opposite most of the male stars in Hollywood. Before I had my first opportunity in talking pictures I was idle eight months, finally getting the lead in 'Among the Married,' and on the day following the opening night I received six offers from film companies. My real name is Lucille Langhanke."

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swac said...

I have no idea what Among the Married might be...although she was in a film in 1928 called Three Ring Marriage, which is as close as I could get.