When Legends Gather #84

Grace Slick and Janis Joplin


Vanwall said...

Grace was the reason I have never liked the use of falsetto in rock & roll - if it's in a woman's range, use a woman singer fer crissakes! Grace had such a wonderful voice for R&R, and wasn't the only one out there. Not that everything she did was great, but the early JA work was awesome. I'm sure the often unspoken prejudice back then against a girl in a rock band was the real reason so many songs lacked the extra beauty that a woman's voice can bring - regardless of genre. Blues and R&B weren't quite so macho, IMHO. Rock doesn't seem to be that way any more, tho, thank god.

iCandy-0 said...

what a hot picture. Two of my early heroes (before I admitted to myself that I simply cannot sing well).