Selling the Silents #23

From the 1927 Paramount release book

"A brilliant comedy special with Bebe as a vivacious society girl talking the place of an old male fossil who runs the 'Advice to Lovers' column on a newspaper. Story by Joseph Jackson."

Lord knows I could use the advice...but I could probably use Bebe Daniels with a riding crop a lot more.

(I can find no evidence of this film actually being made, either under this title, or in the filmographies of Ms. Daniels or Mr. Jackson. The closest I got was the 1933 Lee Tracy pre-code comedy Advice to the Lovelorn, where his typically hardboiled reporter gets busted down to writing the lonelyhearts column. But that's based on Nathanael West's novel Miss Lonelyhearts. And yes, I'd love to see it.)


Brent McKee said...

Of course Bebe Daniels with a riding crop is considerably different from say Louise Brooks with a riding crop.

swac said...

Any port in a storm.