Richard Pryor Dead at 65

Richard Pryor passed yesterday. And I doubt if there's a soul who grew up in the 1970s who doesn't know why this should be cause for mourning.

Here are three appreciations of the life and art:

The Times of London

The New York Times

The San Francisco Independent Media Center


Sam said...

The second I saw it over the wire while I was on the air, I quickly jumped on the aor and mentioned his passing. However I was working on a top forty radio station at that moment, so if I wasn't playing Fall Out Boy, the kids could have cared less aoubt it. Same thing for the classic rock staion later that night when I went on there. So, as a treat to myself, I did my Mudbone immpression and told the cold and deep joke as a tribute to Richard.

Thank you guys for mentioning his passing and reminding folks of who this man was.

Tom Sutpen said...

Thanks, Sam. If I were the PD at your station I would have let you do as much Mudbone as you damn well pleased . . . and do it over the air (you can tell why my career in radio was short-lived).

Personally I grew up on Pryor's LPs (and Redd Foxx, and Rudy Rae Moore) and . . . put it this way: There's a lot to be said for the therapeutic effect this kind of genius can have on the cloistered sensibilities of middle class whiteboys such as I was so long ago.

Richard Gibson said...

Someone in my office heard it over the weekend here, I completely missed this. Not for the first time I read it first on ICPWAG,TBAWLODC.

Kingo Gondo said...

"Is It Something I Said?" came out when I was 14, and I bought it back then--and my life was never the same.

Richard, may you wake up in the right motherfucking heaven this time.