The Neocons #4

I. Lewis Libby (followed by members of the press)


Anonymous said...

I would hardly think Libby would be placed in the pantheon of neocons by anyone who knew anything about neoconservatism other than as a pejorative.

Tom Sutpen said...

You make a good point, and I guess I didn't make the context as clear as I could. I'm using the term 'Neocon' here to refer to the handful of policy wizards responsible for our present engagement in Iraq . . . if you wanna call that pejoorative you'll get no argument from me.

Obviously Libby wouldn't figure into a general survey of Neo-Conservatives (not prominently anyway), and that's not what this is. You're not gonna be seeing Irving Kristol or Midge Decter or any of the other 'Partisan Review' escapees.

prokosch said...

I was going around confusing G. Gordon Liddy with I. Lewis Libby for some time before the lack of a bloodline was established for me.