The Art of War #7
The Roots of Pop Art #7

(#18; August-September, 1942)

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Vanwall said...

Ah, the innocence of youth! Somehow we project our stereotypes into these things without prompting, so this one is a bit of overkill. Who read them things anyway? Oh, yeah - "Superman is a Jew!" some Nazi named Goering once said, in a fit of pique. In the daily strips, ol' Herman must've seen the superiority of Murican comics lookin' for his soon-to-be dead ass. Projection, and precognition. The Juden, and a bunch of other good joes, beat the fat guy and his creepy pals in the end, anyway.

Comics molded many a malleable boy, myself included, and thank heaven I was discerning enough to see Mad Magazine as more important than a zillion war comics.