They Were Collaborators #86

Monty Python

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Vanwall said...

I was trying to make a delivery in one of my father's trucks, and made the mistake of tuning to the old KDKB in Phoenix - they played the Argument Clinic sketch between songs, which was just becoming available in the States, and I was laughing so hard, I had to pull over. We had been reading about the show for a few years, and eagerly waited for PBS to start showing 'em. My Mom had a brand-new color set with one of the first large screens, so 10 or so people were crammed into her family room to watch. One of the first images in the intro was the collage of nudes, and my Mom, who had no idea what to expect, looked at me somberly and asked, "Just what kind of show was this supposed to be?" HeHe! She came to love it, anyway!