When Legends Gather #55

Benjamin Siegel and George Raft


Brent McKee said...

Of all the guys who playd gangsters in the movies, Raft was the one who was really "connected". I think it's reasonably obvious tha the character of "Dixie" in The Cotton Club is (very) loosely based on Raft.

He knew Ben Seigel from New York when they were kids. Max Allan Collins' novel Neon Mirage is a pretty enjoyable read on Seigel and the Flamingo, and has Raft as a connection between the lead character and Seigel.

Tom Sutpen said...

My favorite Raft story is probably apochryphal (all the really good ones are), but it's said that when several Hollywood figures tried to mobilize their fellow-stars against the Blacklist, Raft was approached and his help sought.

To which he (reportedly) replied: "Where were you people when Benny Siegel needed you?"