El Cine Del Oro #17

Pepe el Toro (Ismael Rodriguez, 1953)

Before Jake La Motta, there was Pepe.

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Vanwall said...

Pedro was Mexico's biggest star for a lot folks, and is still a well-known and beloved figure for many, altho of mostly an older generation. I always found his acting to be a bit self-concious, but his films were full of his curious energy and often a kind of realism that wasn't portayed very much back then, even if a bit idealized. Sang very well, too. This film is held above all other sporting films in Mexico, and I expect it is approaching "legendary" status, in that many will speak of it as such, from hearsay, as oppposed to actual viewing memories. The boxing scenes were OK, not quite up to "Body and Soul", tho. Even to I love this poster, those two kissing in the it, tho, look pained and bored, respectively - hardly inspiring. ;-)