They Were Collaborators #59

Manfred Mann (circa 1964)


swac said...

Weird, I was thinking about Manfred Mann...I got a great photo of them leaping in the air outside EMI headquarter...this is a nice portrait though, Paul Jones was always one for great expressions. (His solo albums are vastly underrated too, beside the obvious Privilege soundtrack, there's his first two, My Way and Love Me Love My Friends, brilliant stuff).

Tom Sutpen said...

Outside of his 'Privilege' vocals, I've never heard any of Paul Jones' solo recordings. Are they still commercially available, or prisoners of vinyl?

Shameless self-promotion time: Last week I wrote a piece for "Bright Lights Film Journal" on the aforementioned Peter Watkins' film (it'll be up in August), and one point I had to excise for the sake of length was a certain puzzlement over Jones' performance. I've seen "Privilege" three times now, and I cannot figure out if he's playing the role as it was written (perpetually uncomfortable, sullen, dangerously disenchanted), or if this is one of the most wretched pieces of acting in all cinema. Watkins could usually get extraordinary stuff out of non-professionals, so I'm more inclined toward the former, but it's still a question mark in my mind.

Tom Sutpen said...

Stephen, go ahead and post the photo. I don't think it'll be too much a violation of our iron-clad discipline to have two Manfred Mann images in close proximity.

Besides (hint), I was considering starting a series on the British Invasion called 'British Sounds', so it's probably as good an inaugural image as any (I mean, The Beatles? too obvious)

swac said...

British Sounds I was thinking of something along the same lines (and I recently got a book that contains some doozies).

As for an inaugural image, I'd have to go with Cliff Richard and the Shadows, but that's just me.