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The Professionals
(Richard Brooks; 1966)

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Rob said...

A real man's man kinda movie - hell, even the women were tough enough to be guys, and Brooks and Conrad Hall used the desert, an intimate freind of mine, to fantastic advantage. I get thirsty just watching this one, it harkens back to my mispent youth in some ways. Lancaster and Marvin had a kind of fatalistic chemistry that was totally believable - and both were consummate physical actors, especially with horses and guns, and broads. The scene Lancaster has with Maria Gomez, (in one of the great Hispanic supporting actress parts), where he learns what makes a woman worth a whole lotta money, is priceless. Brooks knew how to make great location films - "Bite The Bullet" has a similar buddy theme, and even a wonderful expostion on the value of a woman, by Gene Hackman to Candice Bergen; but Brooks also knew how to make any movie good or great. Always love to watch his movies.