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The Asphalt Jungle
(John Huston; 1950)

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Rob said...

The most influential crime film, ever, whether a director realizes it or not, plus - it had a realism about it that others of that time lacked, a debt to Burnett's writing, which it followed very closely - hell, film adaptations of Burnett's stories were possibly the most influential, as well. The casting was spot-on, even down to the bit parts, (Dorothy Tree gets to curse!)and they managed to imply a little perversion here and there, a rare thing back then. Monroe's best supporting part, IMHO, because she looked fresh, (and stunningly beautiful), and acted with a guiless naturalism - she was even better than the character in the book. Everyone looks to "Rififi", and it had a more adult take on a similar vein, but this was the granddad of 'em all. Hayden and the great Jean Hagen were totally believable as doomed lovers, and Calhern was the embodiment of the urbane criminal. "Pass the soup" HeHe!
Boy, I love this film, since I was a kid.