Seminal Image #246

Titicut Follies
(Frederick Wiseman; 1967)


Rob said...

You guys are amazing! ;-)


Tom Sutpen said...

Call me the Rembrandt of video captures.

swac said...

Is this unavailable on video? Should I hold onto my taped-off-PBS copy for dear life?

Tom Sutpen said...

Stephen asked:

Is this unavailable on video?

As far as I know it isn't. In fact, I don't know of a Frederick Wiseman film that is available on video, save for bootlegs. He's another one of those filmmakers (like Peter Watkins and Andy Warhol, to name just two) whose work is cruelly unrepresented in the video marketplace (however, I recently snagged a copy of Warhol's Chelsea Girls that was utterly pristine; DVD quality).

Should I hold onto my taped-off-PBS copy for dear life?

Depends on the quality. There's an awfully good looking bootleg out there of this (which I have; that's what I made this capture from) along with several other Wiseman masterpieces. Though in a lot of those cases they were taken from French television broadcasts . . . with French subtitles and everything.

Anonymous said...

im precisely dloading them at the moment, mr monsieurblob-ignoring slutpod. kindly put stuff like 'near death' on launch tanken. and if in the unlikely event you're the one person with 'juvenile court' or 'deaf' do da same mon. and no, my name is a different one now, EMAIL me for my real one!