Seminal Image #239

Peeping Tom
(Michael Powell; 1960)


Rob said...

Jaysus, this movie defined the word "creepy" for me. Nasty, nasty, nasy.

Melissa. said...

This is one of my favourite movies. Basically because it defines the word "creepy." Awesomeness.

Richard Gibson said...

Hey Tom! An awesome film that pretty much ended the career of one of our greatest film makers.

If you come to London you can visit the alley way where some of the scenes were filmed. The alley is called Newman Passage and it's just off Rathbone Place right in the heart of the West End.,-0.134068&spn=0.006368,0.015044&sspn=0.026811,0.063343&num=10&start=0&hl=en