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Frank Lloyd Wright Turns 138

Frank Lloyd Wright: June 8, 1867-April 29, 1959

I don't know what I can say about FLW that hasn't been said already elsewhere, although there was this interesting tidbit on The Daily Bleed:

"As a review of Wright's FBI file reveals, the Fed's interest in the architect extended far beyond his pacifism. Hoover's men recorded his dalliances with the Wobblies, his continuing attempts to combat the US government's dehumanization of the Japanese during and after the war, his rabble-rousing speeches on college campuses, his work for international socialists and third world governments, including Iraq, and his rather unorthodox views on sexual relations (the Feds noted that Wright seemed to have a particular obsession with Marlene Dietrich).

"Hoover's snoops were only a minor irritant compared to the real damage that was done by the Federal Housing Authority, which routinely denied financing to Wright's projects. The Federal Home Loan Association also refused to underwrite mortgages for Wright's houses."

There's something wrong with being obsessed with Marlene Dietrich?


slyboots2 said...

He was diminutive. Teeny tiny. She probably loomed over him.

Rob said...

That's part of the allure, I'm sure. Hell, I could stand Marlene looming over me!