Stacks o' Wax #4

Required Singing (Joey Singer, The Quartertones and The Fraternity Chorus, 196?)
The copy I found of this early '60s novelty LP was actually sealed, and I can see why after a listen. I think this disc of traditional standards sung by a chorus with light orchestration is meant to be a take-off of both Mitch Miller's endless Sing Along With Mitch series and the pre-Dylan folk boom, but the problem is it's not very interesting and not very funny. The cover's the best thing about it, really, so enjoy its oddball-ness for what it is, and give thanks you didn't have to spend 10-odd minutes trying to figure out whether this was actually worth listening to (although I can finally say I have a copy of the Whiffenpoof Song, should I ever have the need to whip that one out for any visiting Yalies).

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Kent Morgan said...

I think I have that record somewhere in my basement, but with my LP "filing" system, it will take me hours to find it unless I get lucky. It probably has been played once. As for The Whiffenpoof Song, it's on my jukebox.

Kent Morgan