The Golden Age of Prurience #19

(vol. 1, #6; 1966)


Sam said...

If anything, let's ban those hairy legs!

King Kong called...He wants his fur back.

Tom Sutpen said...

Point well taken.

But I figured those alluring figures of budded womanhood would more than make up for having ol' Bigfoot in the image there.

Besides, I got more retrospective centerfolds coming up, so this ain't no kinda trend, believe me.

swac said...

Judging by the bulge in the hot pants...aren't those a guy's legs?

sleepybomb said...

as i was growing up my uncle used to bring home all these racy mags, (along w/ a ton of 'blue movies' that we found in the closet later), and i could swear this was one of them. i'll never forget those legs, and i remember laffing about it with my cousins when we saw it. . . . very strange.

Bob Keser said...

*And* there's a movie review ...Okay, who's seen "Kiss Me Quick"? 'Fess up!