El Cine Del Oro #11

Huracan Ramirez
(Joselito Rodriguez, 1952)
Contrary to popular belief, Mexican cinema isn't all masked wrestler movies, but there are a lot of masked wrestler movies, and Huracan Ramirez is one of the earliest. Fans of the genre would find it rather disappointing, as Ramirez is actually a lounge singer who moonlights as a wrestler and doesn't spend much screen time in his guise as el lucha libre. But from humble beginnings...


Rob said...

It's funny how Mexican Cinema had such a quirky view of Mexico - masked wrestlers flying around in helicopters while in costume, lurid dramas of sado-masochistic sex, and at the same time, fairly realistic takes on peasants, high society, and revolutionaries. The extremes make for some interesting viewing.
The masked wrestlers had been around for years as traveling shows, and they must be touching some chord in the popular psyche - their devotees are legion, their films are innumerable, and they have made inroads into the US-style TV wrestling scene. Amazing.

swac said...

Heck, they're now a freakin' Saturday morning cartoon!

And when I saw Samson Vs the Vampire Women, I thought it was just silly (although he drove a rad sports car).