When Legends Gather #27

Ernest Hemingway, Sherman Billingsley and John O'Hara


Rob said...

Where the elite meet to eat. Boy, those two guys created some of the most unlikeable protagonists I ever read, but both were consummate craftsman; altho O'Hara could get a little overlong.

Bet you could meet with "a cookie full of arsenic" at that Club, or get thrown out and make a street rep for oneself, eh?


Tom Sutpen said...

O'Hara is one of my favorites, but he could be wildly inconsistent. For instance, though I admire many of his books extravagantly, the critic in me is forced to conclude that he never equalled his first two novels, Appointment in Samarra and Butterfield 8 for sheer storytelling brilliance and social observation.

I've got another picture from the Stork Club; a more typical one of Billingsley with Winchell and Damon Runyon. I'll post it as a later entry in this series.