Sex Education #30

Gene Tierney


Rob said...

"Kill me and I will love you" - what more could you say? Gawd, she was awesome. 'Specially with sunglasses on in a rowboat.


Ivan G. said...

One of my favorite Martin & Lewis jokes is in Sailor Beware, in which Jerry is doing his punch-drunk fighter bit. He mentions that his last fight was with "Gene Tierney" and Dean corrects him, saying "You mean Gene Tunney..."

Lewis' reply: "You fight who you wanna fight, and I'll fight who I wanna fight..."

swac said...

Heh...I haven't seen Sailor Beware (I figure it's James Dean bit part would have got it released by now) but I've heard them do that joke...probably on a radio show or TV appearance...why let good funny go to waste?