Seminal Image #189

Red Dust
(Victor Fleming; 1932)


Rob said...

When I was much younger, if this was on TV, I would tune out much of what went on, except when Jean was on - I was trying to figure out the what most people saw in her. I eventually came to my own appreciation of her; while not exactly what I seemed to read about her, she has moved into a higher level in the firmament of my movie goddesses. She had that indefineable something that made a star, regardless of her abilities -in this one, she ate Astor's lunch, dinner, and next day's breakfast!


swac said...

It shames me to say I haven't seen Red Dust, although it's high on my must-see list. I'm hoping that with Bette Davis, Cary Grant and Joan Crawford getting DVD collections, someone will do a decent job of Gable's better films (The Hucksters, anyone?) and include this as a number one priority. This picture pretty much confirms all my suspicions about the picture (and I'm sure it'll be everything that Mogambo wasn't).

Tommy O'C said...

I saw The Hucksters a long time ago. Not bad at all. Little did they know just how bad Madison Ave would get (or maybe they did).

Gable did two movies with Harlow, if memory serves. He thought she was great. She was very well-liked by her costars and the crews she worked with--and I mean that in a sincere, down-to-earth type way.