Seminal Image #158

High School Confidential
(Jack Arnold, 1958)
In memory of Bob Switzer


Anonymous said...

Bob Switzer was eccentric, kind,
unique,irrascible,warm,intelligent,opinionated and best of all MY FRIEND.I miss him already!!!

swac said...

Whoa, Don, didn't expect to see you in here. It's been what...10-12 years since the last record show (I bought some of your "special" Beatles vinyl)? Bob was one of a kind, almost the definition of the term. We won't se another like him.

mwl said...

cheers to Bob for being a part of my love for collecting and trading records and memorabilia.

Did he still have the store?

swac said...

Bob recently moved into a new space on Gottingen Street, which is the nicest location he's ever had, but unfortunately the worst for business. While he still had his regulars (including yours truly, most recently he helped me track down some rare pre-Mamas and Papas recordings by Denny Doherty for a Q&A I was hosting at the East Coast Music Awards), the walk-in traffic whose $10 CD purchases paid the rent seemed to pretty much evaporate.

Anonymous said...

I met Bob at Dal Radio in 1970. With his hair and his white shoes, he was certainly different from the perspective of an innocent freshman, but I quickly learned to listen to his music. His love of the blues and his knowledge of the music is surely a big reason why I listen to the "blues" on CBC Saturday night. Why didn't I stop into his store when I was in Halifax over the years? Too late now - we have lost a good person. May he live on in the memory of people who knew him. My sympathy for his family.

Bob Steele

Hutch, Montreal said...

Switzer opened up my mind to a lot more than the 60's rock and pop knowledge I brought to Dal Radio (now CKDU-FM) in 1969. So much to learn from the ex-History teacher...blues, jazz, classical, country...I have lost a mentor and a very good friend. Play some Jerry Lee Lewis and Gene Vincent 45's in his memory...and attend the memorial service when the date is announced.

Doc J said...

I'm really going to miss Bob.His musical knowledge was unsurpassed.His excentric personality typical of many record collectors was for the most part enjoyable.Even when Bob was rambling on about something that didn't seem to make sense you accepted him for what he was,a fair ,honest,interesting character and over the last 15 years of visiting his store and having him send me records to prevue at home I now realize we were friends.Halifax will seem dull without him because he was one of the main reasons I enjoyed visiting the city.