The Art of Crime Fiction #4

Dead Yellow Women
(by Dashiell Hammett)
(Dell, 1947)


Rob said...

One of the greatest short story titles ever, and this was a crackerjack cover.


swac said...

Great title, great story, great collection...hard to believe I found this copy for a buck at a yard sale. It pays to be a smart shopper.

It had a couple of Hammett short stories I hadn't seen collected before (as did an odd hardback collection of Sam Spade stories I found somewhere else in bargainland), and finding anything by Hammett you haven't read before is always something of a holy grail.

sleepybomb said...

that and also a lucky shopper. i have the complete james bond 1st ed in paperback. took me years, and yrs ago i lost 'the spy who loved me', just to find one in auburn cali not long ago . . . hahahaha
(but now all my pulp is in an advanced state of entropy).